Please note: The letters available below were written by individuals and their opinions are not necessarily representative of our group. We encourage you to use these as examples to help you craft your own letter, but you are responsible for your own opinions and statements of facts.

Members of Congress pay a lot of attention when their names are mentioned in newspapers. Here is a list of major Colorado newspapers and their submission requirements. 

The letters on this page have been written and either:
  • Submitted to (not necessarily accepted by) newspapers around Colorado;
  • Need someone to submit them (there are limits on how many letters any one person can submit in a month)
  • Sent to a Member of Congress
Feel free to:
  • Volunteer to send one of these letters (or version of the letter revised to use your own words)
  • Use the information in any of them to write a new letter. Copying is encouraged! We just want to get as many letters out there as possible.
You can also go to the Fact Sheet page to gather the facts to write your own letter.

Send us your letters and we will post them to this page.

Letters to Newspapers:
Fact Sheets page