Current Calls to Action

Prepare for the October 19 IndivisibleNOCO General Meeting.  We know the propensity for eyes to glaze over when the discussion turns to economics.  We are trying (emphasis on trying)  to make the discussion around economic policy more approachable, relevant and understandable.   Read our fact sheets and become familiar with terms and talking points.  The more you know the more you are empowered for productive civic engagement!!

Protect our National Treasures:  Senators have a critical role to play in the fight to protect our national monuments and wild places for the American people — and keep them off limits to fossil fuel, logging, and mining companies. Tell Senators Bennet and Gardner to call out Interior Secretary Zinke for his false claims about national monuments and use their legislative power to protect our national treasures.

Stop the Confirmation of Wehrum:  It should be no surprise that Trump is nominating another industry insider for an important position in the EPA - and one who has been denied the position before.  Trump has nominated Bill Wehrum to be the EPA Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation (OAR), which is responsible for overseeing issues regarding climate, ozone pollution, mercury pollution and related matters. Read the linked fact sheet for background on Wehrum and why he is a bad choice for this position. The originally scheduled hearing was postponed and we do not know when it will be held. So call and let your Senators know that you want an industry watchdog not an industry insider protecting your right to breath clean air.


Members of Congress (MoCs) Contact Information
You can download MoC contacts straight to your phone.

Senator Cory Gardner (R)
Fort Collins: (970) 484-3502
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Senator Michael Bennet (D)
Fort Collins: (970) 224-2200
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Rep Jared Polis (D), CD-2
Fort Collins: (970) 226-1239
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Rep Ken Buck (R), CD-4
Greeley: (970) 702-2136
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